Friday, January 23, 2009

Tonight is family night. We've made pizza, chocolate chip cookies, played the wii (well.....not the REAL wii.....just the generic one.), and we're getting ready to make popcorn, all crawl in Mommy's bed and watch a movie. It's been a nice day. Restful. Doing nothing much except enjoying being. Being a wife. (I love it when my husband comes home and night and I see his smile....he looks genuinely happy to be home). Being a mom. (The boys did all their school work today with great attitudes. They are SO excited to cuddle with me and choose to lay in MY bed with ME and watch a movie.....I know there will come a day when that won't be the case, so I'm enjoying it now). Being a sister. (I have the very best little sisters in the entire world!!) Being a daughter. (I am learning more and more that my parents were much smarter than I gave them credit for when I was an all knowing teenager.) Being an aunt. (Since I produced 4 grandsons into the family, it is only fair that my sister bring forth the girls. And boy am I ever glad she did. I am soooooo the cool aunt!! Just ask me and I'll tell you. ;) I love painting Kayla's toenails, putting her hair in pigtails, buying her frilly dresses, and seeing her be thrilled when she arrives at my home and be sad when she has to leave.) Being a grandaughter. (I still love how my grandparents can make me feel special, just like when I was younger. Even though I relish in the fact that I am an adult lady that is very capable, I secretly love when Grandma and Grandpa are around and spoil me.) Most of all......being a child of God. ( know that although I'm not perfect, that I make mistakes, but that my God has forgiven that all. To know that I have been cleansed, been renewed, made whole. It's just the best thing in the entire world!! Knowing that I will NEVER be alone, ever. Knowing that I never need fear death. Knowing that with Him all things are possible. Having true peace. Hmmm....can't even put a label or name on it. It's worth more than all the money in the world, and then more.) So today.....cheers to being.....well just to "being".

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  1. I am TOTALLY enjoying your blog, Charissa !!1 Keep it up! I love getting comments on my blog, SO I WILL be letting you know pretty often how much I look forward to what you have to share !!