Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today We Make History maybe it's not exactly history. But that slogan is certainly going around, and well....I wanted to own a piece of it too. ;) Today, however, I do start my very first blog. Who knew??? Who would have guessed??? Then again, I would not have imagined that two 7 year olds could pop a water bed and keep it hidden from their parents for two days using a whole box of bandaids. I would not have imagined 3 worms and a frog could make such a mess in my washing machine. I would never have imagined sitting in a cardboard box and being pulled around on hard wood floors by 4 adorable little boys could keep a little princess entertained for 2 hours. I would never have imagined sticking your head under a running faucet and coming up with a soaking wet head would make a 4 year old "look like a pastor" (in his own words, of course). I would never have imagined that a little person with sticky hands, messy face and sweaty hair could melt my heart by uttering one special word....."Mommy.....". I never imagined I would feel so cherished and loved by such a great man. So I guess writing a blog isn't all that surprising. I'm looking forward to making history....the making of my very first blog.

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  1. Welcome the the blogland !! you will love it!!there are several of us from church that have them and we love keeping up with each other !!!! you first post kept me laughing...I am SURE you will have MANY Andrew's boys adventures to share !!! Can't wait ! Love ya!