Thursday, January 22, 2009

So today I'm not so much Super-wife. I'm not even close to Super-mom. I'm completely, "T-Totally", 100%, full blown Super-tired. This first week back to school has been a killer. I didn't know it was possible to feel as though I were 80 years old, when I am clearly housed in a VERY YOUNG 32 year old (did I just say I was 32??? did that happen anyway?) body. Since my eyeballs are about to burn out of my head, I'll keep this short. Nothing extremely funny to report today. It was a blessed day, however. I came home from school today and found that my husband had completed the whole day of school with the boys, had my kitchen clean, my living rom clean, the twins room rearranged, the baby napping, and laundry going. I was almost jealous of his success. But I was so thrilled and wanted to enjoy it, so figured jealousy would have to come for a visit another time. I just want to brag on my husband. Other than salvation.....he is the greatest gift I've ever received. I'm totally unworthy of such a great friend, but I'll certainly take it anyway!! Tonight I'm thankful for my wonderful heavenly Father and the great time we had fellowshipping today. I'm thankful for good friends. I'm thankful that my boys still cry if they miss me too much. (Oh to be so loved......). I'm thankful for the ability to learn and the opportunity to exercise my brain. :) That sounded cute....."exercise my brain ;) I guess some part of me needs exercise occasionally. Hope you had a great day. I expect great things from tomorrow!

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