Wednesday, January 21, 2009

***DISCLAIMER: This is not an original, I stole it from someone else. ;)***

Be A Chef

If I cook great dishes, make them into literal works of art as I work them up in a commercial kitchen, and serve them to people I’ve never met, or will ever meet again, I am called a chef, an artist!

But, if I cook those same dishes for the ones I love most and I nourish my family in the realm of my fathers home, it is said that I am wasting my talent.

Be a CPA

If I go to school for years, become a CPA, and manage books for other people that I have absolutely no ties with; I’m a career woman, I’m independent, I am a woman of the twenty first century!!!!

But if I, after years of studying, keep my dad’s books, I am then wasting MY life, all that training down the drain!

Be a Childcare Professional

If I take care of a other people’s children, I become their nanny, I am then a childcare professional, I am valuable and important!!!

But, if I take care of and nurture children GOD gives me, then I am old-fashion. I am repressed by a sexist society of dominate males! I am told I am wasting my life!

Be a Cleaning Professional

If I care for rooms, homes or offices that belongs to strangers; I’m a housekeeper, a cleaning professional.

But, if I remove dust bunnies out of my own home and make it clean and orderly for my family; It is thought that I am a house wife and am wasting my life with coupons and soap operas! (who has time for soap operas???)

What is the difference between the examples above? Why is nanny-hood OK, but motherhood frowned upon? Why is professional respected and domestic criticized? Why is going through a secular college an assumed event in every high school graduate’s life, but simply learning at home and continuing education in many mediums highly disregarded?

Ironic isn’t it?


It is our duty and delight to shine forth as examples of true-womanhood in action. Many of you are exemplary women who have utilized societies tools (college, career etc) to great advantage without being taken advantage of, or losing your foundation.


  1. Hi Carissa, remember me? I stumbled upon your blog through my moms. I had no idea your family had grown so much! I loved seeing your photos of you and your sisters...I recognized Rebecca right away, but your younger one (sorry, I can't remember her name!) was just a toddler. I love this post...even though you didn't write it, it's a great find! Welcome to blogland :)

  2. Hey Sarah, of course I remember you. I'm just now seeing your comment, I'm fairly new to this whole blogging thing. I looked at your blog and it's beautiful!! I've also been admiring of late the photography of your nephews. WOW. You have some real talent!!